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Fiberglass Scaffolding Platform

Fiberglass Scaffolding Platform

We provide fiberglass pultruded scaffolding system. The fiberglass scaffold has no electrical conductivity or reaction to chemicals, making pultrusion scaffolding ideal for working with exposed electricity or chemicals, so fiberglass Scaffold is safe and reliable. 

No matter you're looking for a step stool, extension ladder or scaffolding platforms, take a step in the right direction with products from King Sitong. For additional stability and safety when working on uneven surfaces or stairs, a ladder leveler and other ladder accessories can help. With loading capacities up to 1,000 lb. and fitted with locking swivel casters, work platforms can accommodate two workers and be transported to any location. Keep on moving up with a selection of scaffold towers and scaffolding accessories, such as scaffold boards, frames, guardrails and height extension kits for customization


Fiberglass Pultruded Scaffold is the best tool for:


  • electrical contractors
  • electrical utilities
  • ceiling contractors
  • painting contractors
  • corrosive environments
  • building/facilities maintenance
  • schools/hospitals/institutions
  • aircraft manufacturing/maintenance
  • lightweight portable replacement for aluminum or steel


  • Non-conductive
  • Chemical-resistant components.
  • Not oxidize