30T Pultrusion Machine-Henan Sitong Precision Mould Co., Ltd

30T Pultrusion Machine

BLG-8030 hydraulic pultrusion Machine

BLG-8020 30T hydraulic pultrusion machine was composed by Roving fiber creel, impregnating vessel, Die station, PLC control system, hydraulic pulling system, cut off saw, Roller table at end of line.

Equipment characteristic
◦          Temperature control using high-accuracy, Dual display meter
◦          Pulling speed digital display, Equipment touch panel
◦          Sealing component of hydraulic cylinder import , hydraulic principle is internal gear pump component import
◦          Oil temperature, Oil level and electronic switch of Hydraulic failure warning automatically
◦          Multiple working type for pulling station, pulling speed stepless change
◦          Pulling machine automatic oil supply lubrication system, lubrication time and frequency setting is available
◦          Pneumatic round saw blade, Pneumatic clamping, pneumatic tracking(Pneumatic saw, Gear rack saw, Magnetic saw)

Impregnating vessel

◦          Quantities: 2
◦          Vessel body Size: 1030×900×190mm
◦          Resin volume: 50kg
◦          Vessel shelf size: 1610×900×1100~1700mm (single or double choose)

Tooling station

◦          Die station plate size: 970×610×30mm
◦          Setting Die length: 900mm-1000mm
◦          Die setting plate height adjustment range: 0-150mm (Automatic)
◦          Temperature control Zone: 6 Zones (max power 20kw/ zone)
◦          Heaters: 2kw/heater; 12pcs heaters; size 300x150x30mm
◦          Outer size: 3800x900x850mm

Pulling station

◦          Pulling clamping Max size: 800mm (w) x 300mm (H)
◦          Clamping plate length: 400mm
◦          Max Pulling force: 300 KN
◦          Pultrusion speed: 0.1~1.0m/min
◦          Clamping max force: 200 KN
◦          Pulling head movement distance: 600mm
◦          Clamping movement distance: 200mm
◦          Pulling hydraulic cylinder: HSGφ168×600
◦          Clamping hydraulic cylinder: HSGφ168×200
◦          Oil pump power: 2X5.5kw 380V/50HZ
◦          Cooling water pump: 220V/50HZ 0.75kw (None)
◦          Outer Size: 5200mm X 1100mm X 1750mm

Cut off saw

◦          Max Cutting range: 800mm (W) X 300mm (H)
◦          Saw blade rotate speed: 1450r/min
◦          Cutting power: 4kw
◦          Dust removal way: water dust elimination or absorbing
◦          Saw blade diameter: φ800mm/φ50mm(inner hole)
◦          Cutting way: automatic/ manual
◦          Cutting tracking shift: 700mm
◦          Fixed length cutting way: switch
◦          Outer size: ≈2500X2100X1800mm