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Caterpillar Pultrusion Machine-8T

SLL8T Caterpillar Pultrusion Machine

SLL8T caterpillar pultrusion production line is universal machine for composite material pultrusion production by analyzing customer demand, it be made on the basis of the mature track pultrusion line technology. The main component: Mold table、Dedicated control system、Track tractor、Pneumatic clamping system、Custom cutting machine、Fixed length cutting rack etc. At the same time, provide custom service of creel、dip tank etc.

Product Features
  • Compact structure, Box frame structure is stable;
  • Powerful, reducer and variable frequency motor use well-known brands,Vector inverter control,Wide adjustable range of speed;
  • Dedicated control system,Excellent touch interaction interface,Easy to operate,Easy maintenance;
  • Accurate speed measurement of the encoder, High precision control speed;
  • Custom cutting system,Baffle type fixed length cutting technology, Cutting accuracy±1mm;
  • All transmission component(Sprocket、Chain、Bearing etc.)choose domestic first-class brand, long life;
  • Integrated industry 4.0 control module, provide a complete set of intelligent production management system services (Optional).

The parts corresponding to the serial numbers in the figure:

1 3m Standard Creel 5 Crawler Tractor
2 Guide Yarn(Optional) 6 Cutting Machine
3 Dip Tank 7 Fixed Shelf
4 Mold Table    

Unit operating voltage 380V / 50Hz
PLC operating voltage AC220V / 50Hz
Grid voltage volatility ≤±10%
Total power ≈ 7.2 kW(Excluded mold heating power)
Relative humidity ≤80%
Working environment Dry、Non-corrosive gas、No dust

Main Technical Parameters
NAME Parameter value/Type Remarks
Mold placement size 780mm×500mm×200mm L×W×H
Mold fixed way Support front、 pressure back Platen/Support
Max Pulling force 100 kN  
Rated Pulling force 80 kN  
Clamping max force 130 kN Cylinder diameter ∅132mm
Rated Clamping force 80 kN  
Pneumatic system pressure 0.1 MPa ~ 0.5 MPa ~ 0.8 MPa Min ~ Rated ~ Max
Clamping Max size 400mm × 100 mm W×H
Pulling clamping length 2000 mm  
Pulling clamping speed 0.2 ~ 1.5 m/min  
Pulling motor power 4.0 kW / 1400 r/min  
Cutting motor power 3.0 kW / 1400 r/min  
Mold heating way Heating plate Customized according to the mold
Temperature control range 0 ~ 250 ℃ Error±1℃
Control System PLC automatic / manual  
Pulling outer Size 2700mm × 1700mm × 1800 Excluded mold placement and cutting machine