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manufacture frp Platform grating, flooring grating

Product Description

Product name:  frp Platform grating, flooring grating

Material: Resin(saturated Polyester Resin), Alkali free yarn

Surface Treatment: Grit ; Pattern; concave ; flat

Color: Can choose color according to customer’s requirement, normal colors: yellow , grey, red, blue, green. 


FRP Platform grating, flooring grating 


Fibre glass Grating is produced by glass fiber braiding, casting resin integral moulding, with many regular distribution of the rectangular and square space of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate, has two way mechanics characteristics. Can be widely used in oil, chemical electronics, electronic power, paper printing and dyeing, electroplating, marine exploration, sewage treament and other industries's work platfform, at the same time, can also be applied to civil construction facilities. 




 frp Platform grating, flooring grating specification

Fibre glass Grating Specification 
Thickness (mm) Mesh size (mm) Panel Size (mm) Open Area % Weight (kg/m2)
30 19 ×19 1220 × 3660 40 18.1
38 19 ×19 1220 × 3660 40 23.5
25 38 × 38 1220 × 3660 68 12.5
1007 × 4047
30 38 × 38 1220 × 3660 68 14.75
1007 × 4047
38 38 × 38 1220 × 3660 68 19.5
1007 × 4047
50 50× 50 1220 × 3660 71 23.5
1007 × 4047



 frp Platform grating, flooring grating application

Flooring  Bridges  Ramps  Walkways  Platforms  Assembly lines  Wash bays 


frp Platform grating, flooring grating 



Grit surface --- anti slip


Pattern surface 


FRP floor Grating fittings 

Packaging our fibreglass grating is wrapped by plastic film and plastic belt 
Shipping we would delivery cargo within 10 days after receivint the payment

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