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concave top frp grating

GRAND FRP are large producer and exporter of Fiberglass products and FRP grating and FRP pultruded profile in China . We have own brand GRAND FRP to sale in all world market.We have ISO9001: 2000 certificate, IQ net, USA SGS test and USA ABS certificate.

Our leading products:

FRP molded grating, pultruded grating, Pultruded profiles, etc.

FRP grating have excellent ability: corrosion and chemical resisitance, fire resistant, light weight, no slip, high strength, long service life.

specifications of molded grating:


Panel Size


4'x12',   4x8',   3x10' 

4'x12',   4x8',  3x10' 

3'x10'    ,   3.3'x9.9'

4'x13',    4'x12',   4'x8',  3'x10'

4'x13',  4'x12',  4'x8',   3'x10'

4'x13',   4'x12',   4'x8',   3'x10',    5'x10',   5'x13'

4'x12',   4'x8',   3'x10'

4'x12',   4'x8',    3'x10'mini mesh

4'x12',   4'x8',   3'x10'mini mesh

3.3'x9.9',   3.3'x13.3'

3.3'x9.9',    3.3'x13.3'

below panel size is only described as "mm", other is same as above

Panel Size 


1220x3660, 1220x2440, 915x3050

1220x3660, 1220x2440,  915x3050

915x3050, 1007x3007

1220x4000, 1220x3660, 1220x2440,  915x3050

1220x4000,  1220x3660,  1220x2440,  915x3050


1220x2440, 1220x3660,  915x3050

1220x2440,  1220x3660,  915x3050 mini mesh

1220x2440, 1220x3660,  915x3050 mini mesh

1007x3007,  1007x4047

1007x3007,  1007x4047


FRP pultruded profiles:

Standard structural shapes include equal angle, l beam, Wide flange beam, square tube, round tube, kick plate etc. These structural shapes are used in a wide range of applications, offering a unique combination of chemical resistance, size stability, high strength, and thermal, electric non-conductivity. Each shape is available in a number of dimensions to suit for a variety of design and application requirements. For special uses, custom shapes are also available. Orthophthalic resin, lsophthalic resin and vinyl ester resin are available, as per different environments.


If you are interested in any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us for more details. We are looking forward to developing business relationships with companies throughout the world.


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concave top frp gratingconcave top frp gratingconcave top frp gratingconcave top frp gratingconcave top frp grating

Packaging & Shipping

 concave top frp gratingconcave top frp grating

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