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Red FRP Molded Grating

Red FRP Molded Grating

The most common colors of FRP grating are gray, yellow, black, blue, green, red and so on, so that the scenery can be dissolved into the solid.

FRP grating features:

1. Corrosion resistance
FRP grating has excellent corrosion resistance such as acid, alkali resistance, organic solvent and salt and many other gas and liquid media. It has an incomparable advantage in the field of anticorrosion.

2. Light and high strength
FRP grating without alkali glass fiber yarn and the perfect combination of resin, gives the product unique lightweight high strength characteristics. It has a light weight and can greatly reduce the base support, thus reducing the cost of the material in the project.

3. Flame retardancy
FRP grating using high quality resin and flame retardant additives give excellent flame retardancy to products. The general flame retardant products have an oxygen index greater than 26, a flame diffusivity less than 25, and a smoke density less than 500.

4. Antiskid
The high elastic modulus and different surface effect of GRP grating make the grating have skid resistance, slight elasticity and fatigue fatigue. The different surface of double plane, crescent face, sand face and diamond cover can provide different application conditions.

Glass steel grating standard specifications 1.22x2.44 1.22*3.66 1x3.01 1x4.04 meters and the specifications can be arbitrarily made. Thickness: 25mm 30mm 38mm, 50mm and so on.
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