Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology recruitment

TIME: 2017-09-18 14:34        CLICK RATE:

    Last Saturday, November 19th, Henan Sitong Company into the Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology, conducted a recruitment. The recruitment of materials science and engineering students, as well as students major in mold design.


    On 9:00 pm, Mr.Wen personally give students a detailed description of our company, Mr.Wen pointed out that the Henan Sitong Company insist of the production of composite mould and machine made by Henan Sitong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd., the production of composite products made by Henan Sitong Composite Materials Co,. Ltd.,as well as raw materials for the distribution of Henan Guangyuan Composite Materials Co.,Ltd..Then by pictures clearly introduces our products, our company in the domestic and foreign composite materials exhibition, including the Shanghai composite materials exhibition, France JEC exhibition, India composite exhibition, etc.. The total temperature seriously, organized the students to speak, listen to with relish.

    When Mr.Wen talk's over, the students ask questions, Mr.Wen is always patiently answered. After that, the students look forward to cast your resume. After carefully reading these resumes, arranged a round of interviews. During the interview, there is no tension but I ask you to answer, but we have questions can be raised, mutual answer.


    Finally, we signed 5 outstanding students, two students of composite materials - glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, three mold design students. Hope that next year, the 5 students to the Henan Stone Company, to play their professional knowledge, as soon as possible into the four major families, have a better future!


    Henan Sitong Company is a big dream of a small company, through ten years of efforts, has 14 own production plant. Now recruiting talent, enrich the company's technical content, I believe that the future time, the Sitong Company will be getting better and better. Choose Sitong, achievement you and me!